The Branding Process

This is the adapted process (obviously borrowed from a well respected source) that I'm using to develop my "brand"

  • Identify the questions that need to be answered and define the problem(s) to be solved:
    1. What are my objectives, what problems need solutions, and what questions need to be forgotten because they aren't relevant?
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative research to understand fully who the customers are, how they perceive the brand and competitive brands, and the buying process.
    1. What are my customers' perceptions about my company, my products, and my competitors?
    2. What are the demographics of my customer sets, and what is most important to each set?
    3. What product attributes and messages are most important when customers are ready to purchase?
    4. Where are my competitors weak and vulnerable?
  • Define the brand, which includes positioning, brand associations, brand naming, brand symbol, graphic identity, taglines, and brand personality
    1. How do we set ourselves apart from and make ourselves seen as better than our competitors?
    2. How can we make it easy for customers to select and purchase our brands?
    3. How can I get my entire company telling the same story to all customers?
  • Develop a brand strategy and marketing communications plan to apply the brand definition to all customer relationships
    1. How can we ensure that we become a finalist in the selling cycle?
    2. What is the best way to communicate and build our brand identity?
    3. How will we achieve our marketing objectives?
    4. What is the best mix of marketing communications?
    5. How can we integrate brand into all customer relationships?
  • Create and execute an integrated marketing communications program
    1. What symbols, names, characters, images, design, and "look and feel" best express our position and brand?
  • Manage the brand continuously and track it through research to grow, maintain, and leverage brand equity
  • Musings Regarding Branding: