Cub's Playoff Tickets

Essay #4

Hey, Hey, Holy Mackarel...the Cubs are on their way...and we'd love to be there to share this experience with you guys. Obviously, we are huge Cubs fans or we wouldn't be "groveling" for the tickets by composing an "essay" which I haven't done since graduation. Now I wish I had paid more attention in Creative Writing 101!

We are both single (bonus points), intelligent, successful, outgoing and totally ticketless. Hearing the news about your ticket offer was like a touch of fate...could this be it? Could this be our chance? We got so excited to think there even was a chance....a chance to see our beloved Cubbies win the first round of playoffs...a chance to be in the drunken sea of blue and red on Addison and Clark, celebrating after their long awaited victory...and YOUR chance to party with 2 of the coolest chicks in Chicago.

We assure you that you'll have more fun than you did at Redneck Fest and definitely more fun than you've ever, ever had at a ballgame. Could this be the beginnning of a new tradition???

To wrap things up, a picture is worth a thousand words...this picture is for real, it really is us! SoberDan, you assured me that I wouldn't be wasting my time by writing this. By choosing us, I am assuring you, you won't be wasting yours either.